Dog supplies are showing up everywhere – from grocery stores to big box stores. And of course online with expedient delivery. The basic needs of our dogs can be met easily, without ever leaving home.

Madrona Dog Company is about something else. We’re about finding beauty in the things we need to integrate our dogs into our homes and our lives. We're about seeking out products that meet the needs of our dogs - and ours as dog owners - while offering an exceptional sense of design and craftsmanship. And Madrona Dog Company doesn’t stop there. We seek out functional, sophisticated, and well-designed products that come from small businesses, designers, and makers. Makers who pay attention to their environmental footprint and take steps to lessen it; who believe in fair trade and employee welfare; and who support animal and human welfare and advocacy in their communities.

Once settled in a permanent location, Madrona Dog Company will offer these products in a brick-and-mortar boutique. In the mean time, we hope to see you at our special events (posted on the home page).

Susan Fondren & Sampson (chief canine officer)